Counselling/psychotherapy can help if you are struggling with something in your life which you want to change. It supports a process of personal exploration, involving learning about yourself and developing a better understanding of your life experience.  This understanding can help you make changes and feel better.  As your counsellor, I can help you to see and make new choices about how you live.

I have helped people with:

  • anxiety and stress
  • depression and low moods
  • self confidence and self-esteem
  • becoming and being a man
  • difficulties at work
  • loss and bereavement
  • childhood issues
  • relationships difficulties
  • death anxiety
  • abuse and trauma
  • spiritual and existential issues
  • isolation and disconnection
  • anger and frustration
  • life’s meaning and purpose

I am an existential counsellor in Edinburgh using a dialogue between psychodynamic and person-centred approaches.  Psychodynamic therapy places an emphasis on the ways in which our unconscious mind has an impact on how we feel and behave.  Using the person-centred approach, I aim to offer therapeutic conditions which enable you to explore and discover your own unique path to growth or healing.

Existential counselling is underpinned by a profound attention to simply being alive.  It often involves an exploration of core themes such as meaning, isolation, freedom and death. I have also trained in Transactional Analysis (TA), which looks at how our Parent, Adult and Child ‘ego states’ impact on our ways of being.


Counselling is £60 per 60 minute hour, with the initial session free.  Concessions are negotiable for clients on low incomes.


Counselling AgreementWe will both sign a counselling agreement covering some formal aspects of the work before we begin therapy.  You can view this Agreement by clicking here or on the image to the left.