CLEAR Coaching - Matthew HaggisCoaching

Coaching is an effective form of one-to-one personal development where the client and coach engage in an alliance to promote and sustain personal growth and competence. It develops your skills and knowledge, to improve your performance at work and in your personal life.

Coaching normally focuses on particular skills, or areas at work where you are having difficulties, and on specific goals. It can be especially valuable when you have clear learning or development needs, or can identify these with the help of your coach.

I have experience of providing coaching help with:

  • leadership skills and self-awareness
  • management and communication skills
  • resolving work-related stress and conflict
  • assertiveness and self presentation
  • dealing with redundancy, job search or career change
  • support during job role and career transitions


Coaching is £80 per 60 minute hour for self-funding individuals, with the initial session free. Concessions are negotiable for clients on low incomes.